Saturday, 12 July 2008

Considering Consideration

Just over a month ago, I wondered how I would go working full-time. Last night on the train home from Melbourne, I was thinking about all the experiences I have had during this time. All the people I have met, all the hours I have spent travelling between home and work and back again, all the things I have learned.

Every day at 10.30, the people in my office have morning tea, provided by one of the staff members. Yesterday we had cake and muffins made by N, who's a vegan.

In each carriage of the trains I catch, there are several seats arranged facing each-other. These are the seats I avoid as they are usually occupied by people with irritating idiosyncrasies.

Working productively from home on rainy days during the school holidays is difficult.

I love what I do. I love language and content management systems and getting a grip on challenging tasks.

I get stressed when I don't get enough sleep.

I love the solitary nature of being a writer, and a reader, but one of the things I have been reminded of again and again this last month, is how bearable anything is, when we are accompanied by good people.

As my friend J likes to say/spray: Never is consideration insensitive.

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farmdoc said...

Thoughts from here and there, seemingly but not random, add up to a powerful theme. Nice, Meg. xx