Sunday, 27 July 2008


PJ worked on our chook house yesterday afternoon while I went for a long bushwalk. It felt so great to be back in the forest; with the green and the waters gushing.

Then we stayed in and watched Bullshit, the film about Vandana Shiva, the Indian nuclear physicist and environmental activist.

It's not the best made doco I've ever seen, but it's a great portrait of Shiva, as we follow her around over a two year period, as she tries to hold back the forces of globalisation, with her sharp mind and her joyous outlook.

It is this joyous outlook that inspired me the most. In the face of globalisation, corporatism, gene patenting, bio-piracy and genetic engineering, Shiva not only uses her money and reputation to fight the good fight against Goliaths such as Monsanto, but she doesn't let the injustices she has devoted her life to campaigning against, get her down.

PJ and I feel alive and a sense of self-sovereignty by doing such things as walking through the bush, sharing seeds and vegies with others and building chicken coops that bring us one step closer to self-sufficiency. We take it personally when we read that governments will do everything they can to feed their dirty oil habits. 

This film is a welcome reminder that all is not lost. She shows us how to fight the bastards. With grace and humility.

Some trivia: I'm not sure why, but Bullshit is the only major film I've ever seen that doesn't appear on IMDB.

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