Saturday, 19 July 2008

34 and a Half

Yesterday I turned 34 and a half - not a milestone I celebrated publicly, though still an anniversary I was conscious of.

And as I tend to do around my yearly birthdays, I am finding myself doing a kind of stocktake of how I am going.

There was a full moon last night and yesterday I officially finished the contract for the work I've been doing. My replacement laptop arrived and I spent the afternoon today setting it up, and on the phone to Apple when I got stuck. Z has just finished his first week at his new school and is like another kid. He is more relaxed and playful and regained. PJ's book is back from the printer. My head feels clear, though my legs are aching to get back into the bush after being desk-bound too long. I recently bought a leek for the first time and made a really delicious soup.

Things feel whole and reclaimed. Curtains are closing. Broken things are replaced. I'm still not sleeping as well as I'd like. Hours feel magnified. Curtains are opening. My head feels clear and unbolted. Dotted lines are cut along. Couches are snuggled on. Land of Meg inhabitants are exactly on time.


farmdoc said...

Close to if not the best post so far, LOM. What a window on your life your blog is. And what a life. xx

Commander Starflyer of Black Rock City said...

ab-so-lut-ley fantastic !
Happy Birthday from way over here in the States.
much love to you, Z, and PJ.


emily b-sides said...

Happy Birthday...


Wish I could stay in the LOM aaaaall day.