Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Rednesday: Not Red

(Unfortunately my camera is still in Newcastle at the repair centre being fixed, so please bear with me while I fumble through this period with my clunky phone camera.)

I wonder if you can see what it says on these small canvases. The top one says Red and the bottom, Not Red. They were a gift from our friend Jeff for my birthday last year.

As you can see from the picture below, I too am not red.

After a decade of dyeing my hair, I can no longer justify using chemical dyes. And so, the night before we left for Newcastle my friend Suzie dyed my hair this colour.

Often people ask me what will happen if I wake up one day and cease to be fascinated with the colour red. I don't know if that day is on its way. And to be honest I don't really care.


Leonie Guld said...

Love it!!! I'm-a-waiting for the first signs of SALT and PEPPER!! Whaooooo!! Bring on the arl-la-natural!

Umatji said...

I had noticed the 'not red' in the background of 'artist as family' and wondered - thanks for the story - I did suspect. A great cut - a bit like the one I give W but with way more panache!

(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

Gorgeous Meg,
its really lush!

and you are totally unique
( I type with one of those smiles that
by typing about it, is not so secret, but
you know what I mean....)

Oh, and ....
I nearly dyed my hair the other day, its growing out of its 'non style' to a new level of ' no style natural' and I almost buckled and reached for the dye but
I didnt..
Its growing and I am how I am,
its just going to have to do!

Welcome home.

Nicola said...

There you are back in your blog when the other day you were on my back deck in Newcastle! It was lovely meeting you Meg.(Z. left his scout scarf)
Your hair does look beautiful. I made the decision a couple of years ago that I was going to let my hair go grey and it surprised me how loaded a decision it was. I started looking around in public to see who else was doing that and it was astonishing! Just me and the nannas it seemed.I now collect sightings of women who are sexy/gorgeous/hip and grey. Maybe I should start taking their photos for shared inspiration.

katiecrackernuts said...

Wow. Bet that will take some getting used to but it looks fantastic. I am a non-dyer, though I do sigh a little when I see the growing amount of grey. WILL NOT DYE. WILL NOT DYE.

Anonymous said...

Red was fun, the dark color is beautiful.

Kate said...

GORGEOUS!! Hope I get to see it in the flesh soon. X

tinarama said...

How about henna? I clicked over here from your comment on the slow bicycle site, and had to smile when I saw your profile pic – your old red is almost exactly the same color you'd get from using henna for a few years. I get mine from mehandi dot com but there are other sources for good body-art quality henna that will give you a 100% natural and safe RED that is not to be believed! The dark hair is pretty too – and sometimes a change is nice – but if the only reason for the switch is to get away from toxic chemicals, henna might be worth a try! (I'm not a spammer, I swear – just a sister redhead showing support!)

a little something... said...

oh yeah me too...I am only 27 but have HEAPS of greys so can't quite bear to not dye my hair...and i've started using henna and it's really good. It's quite messy because it's like putting mud on your head but it's chemical free and really good for your hair. I'm also not a spammer I promise! :D

Alexi said...

You are a goddess Meg. You and your blog are both really special.