Friday, 16 October 2009

Ogori Mystery Café

On our last morning in Newcastle when we were packing up our things, we had very much in our minds the artist-in-residence who was arriving two days later. When we had arrived, there was some food leftover in the fridge and pantry from previous artists, and we were wondering what the next artist would think about all the goodies we had left in the kitchenette for her.

I felt the same way when we left our home to go to Newcastle and the afternoon we returned. I was conscious of leaving some nice food for our friends who were housesitting, and was thankful for the things they left for us when they departed.

I tell you all this by way of an introduction to the Ogori Café in Japan that operates on the same principal as the above two scenarios. When you order something, what you ordered goes to the next customer, and what you receive comes to you courtesy of the person who ordered before.

The rules are:
  1. Let's treat the next person. What to treat them with? It's your choice.
  2. Even if it's a group of friends or a family, please form a single-file line. Also, you can't buy twice in a row.
  3. Please enjoy what you get, even if you hate it. (If you really, really hate it, let's quietly give it to another while saying, "It's my treat…")
  4. Let's say "Thank You! (Gochihosama)" if you find the person with your Ogori café card.
  5. We can't issue a receipt.
From the blog where I first read about it:
It forced one to "let go", just for a brief moment, of the total control we're so used to exerting through commerce. It led you to taste something new, that you might not normally have ordered. It was a delight.
A great way to stimulate an outburst of social warming activity, don't you think?


toasted said...

I want to eat there. The concept could be nicked - how about a group picnic where everyone prepares a basket and gives it to someone else? I think I can feel my next birthday party idea coming on.

Mandy said...

What a cute post, I feel like I was just let in on a well-kept secret.

Lovely blog!

Kris said...

What a wonderful idea, I feel all warm and fuzzy just reading about it.

Glad to hear your artist in residence time went well.