Saturday, 24 October 2009

Pepper Turns Two

My niece Pepper turns two today.

Here she is with her great grandmother in April last year.

My grandmother died in January this year. I actually feel OK about her death today, and the unavoidable fact that she no longer exists. But what I can't quite get my head around is that two years and one day ago, Pepper wasn't here. Not her body, I understand that that took nine months to materialise, but her character; the seed of her, the way she relates to her world, the things she thinks about that cause her eyes to sparkle, her wonderment, that all these things were not too long ago, completely uncreated.

Happy, happy birthday, Pepsi!


Shokoofeh said...

oh she is the cutest and has the cutest name!

Happy birthday Pepper!

Lark said...

I also find it amazing to see a child's personality develop, the little things you recognise from other family members, and other traits that are surprising and totally unique, perhaps to be passed on to future generations. Pepper is a gorgeous girl and she is very lucky. x

m.e (Cathie) said...

Happy birthday to your gorgeous niece!
it is a very beautiful thing to watch how a child is formed, makes you ponder the nature versus nurture alot.

farmdoc said...

LOM, I beg to differ regarding your grandmother Lucy who most definitely continues to exist:
* in the memory and being of the love of her life, Saul.
* in her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren (including Pepper) - genetically, and also due to the heartfelt love she bestowed on each of you, even when her language and memory were failing.
* in the minds and memories of the many non-descendant family members as well as countless others, of whom each one is the better for having known her.

Meg said...

Absolutely, FD! That's not what I was saying. Perhaps I should have written that after getting over the rawness of Booba dying, I have made peace with the fact that she is gone.

Thank you for loving mum, FD, so that Booba's genes could now be part of mine. xx