Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Rack 'em Up

Even though I live in a country town where I don't need to lock up my bike, I love it when I come across bike racks that are creatively designed. Actually, that's not true; I even love the ones that are purely functional.

From the utilitarian

to the affirmative

to the personalised

to the whimsical

to the busy

to the playful

to the protective

to the literal

to the thoughtful, such as this one that has the added feature of a bike pump.

I love 'em all, because they usually mean that bicycles are not too far away.


the Elwood General Store said...

love them all..

And a good time to tell you

I park mine n a permanent basis
where the smokers like to stand...


Meg said...

Bikes: less carbon emissions and hopefully smokers too.

Sanduhr said...

Ooh! Now I'm excited! I've been a long time reader but I've never had a real reason to contribute. I live in the (self proclaimed?) "bicycle capital of the Northwest" (of the U.S.) and we have some pretty fantastic bike racks strewn about our city. Here's a shot I found on the internet, maybe I can snap a better one for you (although the weather, as much as I love it, has not been particularly conducive to photography lately out here). Anyhoo here it is.

Looks the same as the bike one you posted, but green.

handmade romance said...

oh i love these bike stands! and the camper bike below. who knew? i didnt. i wonder how heavy that would be?