Tuesday, 20 October 2009

And So

I posted this photo on Flickr four years ago. (Since then, we three have met up only twice.) Now we are heading into t-shirt weather and my arms are free to air, I am reminded of such friendships and the way they come and go like the seasons.

Here's the explanation that accompanies the image:
We three Aussies got these tats done a few years ago in Melbourne before all heading off to different parts of the globe.

Kerryn loves Kurt Vonnegut and decided to get "And so it goes" (a recurring line from Slaughterhouse Five) tattooed on her shoulder.

Finally on the other side of three decades worth of bad shit, Gil decided to get "And so it was" tattooed on her back representing the past that she has moved on from but that made her who she is.

And Meg, the eternal optimist decided to get "And so it will be" on her right arm as a symbol of the charm of the unknown.

We reunited this afternoon for a few brief hours before we were once again claimed by different time zones.
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Permapoesis said...

i'd say your line is more existential than optimistic; more accepting and loose than pie in the sky.

Kate said...

Love that photo but truth is I'm just relieved to be able to comment again.

Leonie Guld said...

I love them.....all of them. I am thinking of getting my first tat....the tree of life...just can't figure out where to put the dam thing. I was helping nana get dressed the other day and I had a little look at her skin. I realized the the only place that wasn't slipping south like a land slide was the back of her neck!! Hmm maybe one day......

Anonymous said...

What a great memory. I am totally loving the tattoo pix and stories... great post.

(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

needless to say,
I love this-
the body,
and stories of
independent women..
has all the elements to take my breath away.


handmade romance said...

perfect! i love these i think (text)ure and (me)aning says it best : )