Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Spewsday Tuesday

From Spender:

Hey Peeps.

This is gross but I couldn’t resist. Curiosity always gets the better of humanoids.

So, 109 tram down vic parade. 11 am. busy tram. Went to sit at a (surprise) empty bunch of seats then realised some one had blown chunks on the floor. The funny bit was the 2 dollar coin in the middle.

1. Some one swallowed a coin by mistake and realised their error while on the tram

2. Some one spewed and thought they would leave a tip for the cleaner

3. Some dadaist created an installation and a social experiment to see how much it would cost for some one to fish around in a pile of vomit for a quick buck.

I leave you with these deep resounding questions...


commander said...

ha ha ha ha LOVE it !

patrick sloane said...

I'm in the process of reading "The Trick To Money is Having Some" written by Stuart Wilde (I think) - I know that makes me kind of shallow even more so considering that it was written in the hedonistic man eat dog days of the 80's but one of the core principles involves accepting abundance NO MATER WHAT, and it stresses that if you see money in the street or anywhere neglected YOU MUST PICK IT UP NO MATTER WHAT! Which I have been endeavouring to do sometimes somewhat embarrassingly so but my oh my I'm glad I wasn't the one placed in your predicament!

Peace Out Pat x