Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Social Warming

Since we decided on the theme of social warming for our panel at the Two Fires festival, I have been thinking a lot about the kinds of things people do for, and say to, one another in social settings.

My grandmother who died recently was a gifted social warmer. She had an innate ability to know how to disarm people. Step one: Making people feel comfortable.

In Melbourne at the place I have been buying my sushi for lunch, there is a bowl of homegrown fruit that is there for the taking. Step two: Making people feel included.

In the kitchen at work this poster is stuck on the wall, listing how everybody takes their tea and coffee. Step three: Bringing people together.


Allison said...

I love these ideas. After a long time feeling shy and socially awkward, I'm trying to figure this "social warming" kind of stuff out on a personal level, but I also know that institutions/businesses that think about connecting people are the kinds that I want to spend time with.

Claire said...

This list is so lovely. What an awesome idea - it says so much about your workplace, right there.

Hey, my word verification word is "inkin" - I like that one.