Monday, 23 February 2009

The Ambush

My sister Kate and her family, who live ten minutes away, were evacuated this afternoon because of fires. We decided not to take any chances and joined them at a safe house in town, where we all still are.

The kids ate icy-poles, played and watched DVDs. The adults stood on the balcony in amazement at the smoke like monster's breath, not too far away. Z's mum came to join us, her house under threat.

Inside the radio is turned to the emergency fire station, outside sirens herald the presence of brave fighters.

We are all exhausted now, the kids picking up on our angst. 

The wind wants to carry us home.


Claire said...

THinking of you Meg - stay safe. xx

The Garden of Self Defence said...

youre amazing!

Little Min said...

I really hope you get to go home soon. x

Adam for all Seasons said...

Sirens can also herald the presence of the ice cream man. ding ding ding ding.

Be safe dutchess.

Anonymous said...

be safe,

much love from los angeles,


ms. delisha said...

I am thinking of you and yours and wishing you: Safety, cooling temperatures, heavy rainfall, dying wind, happy children, good natured games of Scrabble, homecoming to homes that are intact, and that first deep, deep breath full of luckiness and relief.

So much love to you.

Lark said...

Hi Meg, it was great to hear that you are all ok. We have been in Sydney away from it all but coming back today.

Take care, love to all of you.

Allison xx

Eguchi Family said...

Hi meg
So hard to believe that the unthinkable could happen in our beautiful home town. Must be shocking for every one. We will be thinking of you and all our friends on Friday sending love from the other side of the world, and please say hi to your sister and family for us. We are drowning in an everlasting down pour here in Japan its all so hard to believe.
Ali and the eguchis