Monday, 23 June 2008

What Comes Around

We came home last night after seeing Young Werther play, to find a big bag of limes on our doorstep, delivered by our friends I and V. I went straight out again to buy a bottle of vodka so PJ could make us some caprioskas.

In my attempt to share the love, please allow me to point you in the direction of Green Energy Watch, a site that is offering two free energy saving lightbulbs to Australian residents. It's a privately organised initiative being run by a very switched on (sorry!) 26 year-old guy, whose aim is to "bridge the gap between government awareness campaigns on global warming and the ways in which we can all reduce greenhouse gases in a practical and inexpensive way." 

You'd think the government would be giving away solar panels and compost bins and energy efficient shower heads and lightbulbs. But I guess they don't see the science as urgent. I wonder when they will.


Anonymous said...

i looks forward to sampling a caprioska next friday - v looks forward too!

farmdoc said...

Superb photograph, Meg. Well composed, and nice light and colour. In relation to the government, well may you wonder. They should ditch the joke known as the Grand Prix, and give the $50 million dollars thus saved each year, to the citizens of Victoria in the form of the solar panels etc that you mention. And you can add solar hot water units to the list. xx

Lark said...

Hi Meg, your new blog is lovely! I'll pop back regularly!

Allison x