Sunday, 8 June 2008

The Seed

We sat up in bed last night eating popcorn and watching The World According to Monsanto - a frightening doco that shows how the US corporation, Monsanto, through its genetic engineering technology, is strategically destroying worldwide biodiversity and social harmony, all in the name of shareholder profits.

PJ stayed up to write a letter to premier John Brumby, urging him to see the film and speak to independent researchers who have been studying the effects of GE technology.

Today, PJ, Z and I spent the morning in our garden. It was a beautiful few hours with each other and the earth, but still I have a very uneasy feeling in my belly.

We plant seeds in our soil and think that with water and sun and nurturing that they will grow, and that wanting to do our own thing on our own land is enough. 

This isn't just about the infusion of the unnatural into the natural, this is about the corporatisation of our basic human rights. This is about converting food to a patented product of intellectual property, that is owned by greed, not communities.

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