Sunday, 22 June 2008

Getting a Grip

On Friday we had another meeting at Z's school to talk with his teachers about his bad behaviour.

In my opinion, the school isn't setting enough boundaries. They are telling him what to do and what not to do without showing him the consequences of his decisions. It's as though they have forgotten he is six.

Here is Z this morning with new footy boots before he muddied them at Auskick. 

Co-operation and team playing, responsibility for self, listening, learning, watching, a safe environment to run and tackle, and now, a better grip on the earth.


WriterBee said...

It's always amazing to spend time in the land of Meg. A peaceful land of thoughtful consideration where beauty is the order of the day.

farmdoc said...

A beautifully sensitive post, Meg. Getting a grip on the earth is the key. If only more people did it. But you can't do it if you've got your head in the clouds. So go for it, Z.