Wednesday, 25 June 2008

From A to Z

Ten days ago I dissected my relationship with Z's mum, PJ's ex. I wrote about my fondness for her as well as my acceptance of the space that divides us.

Yesterday morning, Z's mum and I were thrown into that space - the space that I had circumnavigated and justified and believed in. 

I have never been out with a man who has a child before. I have never had to contend with an ex-wife or The Other Woman who is still on the scene. This is all still new for me. 

But yesterday, what I thought I had dissected, I realised I had only grazed.

Early yesterday morning, she and I and PJ received an alarmingly inappropriate email from the principal of Z's school. So disturbing was it, that we were forced to make the decision to remove Z from his care.

Under the banner of Team Z, we three rallied and formed an alliance - we cried, talked, strategised, comforted, ate, laughed, shared and devised.

The content of the email is just background noise. What took centre stage is the bond the two parents and the new partner formed, and the tender way we held each other's hands around the wonder of our boy.

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WriterBee said...

Oh that is so beautiful. What a lucky boy. How can he not turn out well surrounded by all that love!