Monday, 9 June 2008

My Dad & Ronald Hollowell

Happy birthday to my dad who today is celebrating his 61st birthday. Happy birthday to my dad who is one of the most ethical and dependable people I know. 

One of the qualities I inherited from him and my mum is the need to make sense of things in my own way.

If you have a look at the very bottom of this page, you'll see I have an Add Free Stats logo that when I click, takes me to a page where all my blog visitor info is listed: how many page visits, how many return visits, what browsers people are using, their IP address, what keywords they googled to find me etc.

And so, I was able to see that at 4.38pm yesterday, someone in St Louis visited the Land of Meg using a Netscape browser and that they googled the word Monsanto to find me. Following the thread of their IP address, I was able to discover that it was a man named Ronald Hollowell, who touristed this site from the Monsanto world HQ in Creve Coeur.

Hello Ron! If you like what you read on my blog, you might also like to check out my dad's blog. He, like me, or should I say, I, like him, am a proponent of human rights over shareholder profits, of the natural over the unnatural, of good over evil.

Want to know what other beliefs I champion, Ron? Come back and visit my blog tomorrow.

I'll be able to tell if you do.

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