Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Way to Go

I caught the train and bus home tonight after two days' work in Melbourne.

I love public transport.

I am a member of the Public Transport User's Association and I am a member of the public who loves the random encounters you often have with other commuters, sorry, customers, as Connex calls them.

When I was teaching English in Bangkok several years ago, my parents came to visit me. It didn't matter where we went, so long as we took a different mode of transport to get there. Ten days, ten different ways: ferry, canal boat, motorcycle taxi, regular taxi, tuk tuk, bicycle, train, express bus, air-conditioned bus and public bus. It was a fantastic trip. 

Writing this, I find myself thinking about all the fantastic things about public transport, yet wondering why it is so expensive in Australia and not subsided by our government, who instead feels it's more important to commit 35 million dollars from its Green Car Innovation Fund to Toyota to make hybrid cars that still require petrol to run.

Now that is fantastic! I mean you couldn't make this stuff up.

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