Monday, 16 June 2008

Kit and Kaboodle

Yesterday I wrote a little about PJ's ex and my relationship to her. I have been thinking a lot about relationships and all the other people we go out with when we couple up with partners. There are their children, if they have any, which they do in my case. There are their former partners, siblings, parents, friends and associates.

Today after I picked up Z from school, PJ's mum phoned to speak to Z abouAuskick, which he went to for the first time yesterday, and to thank PJ and me for her Mother's Day present. She and PJ's dad live in NSW, where we arranged some tickets to their local cinema to be sent. She rang to say they saw a film and loved it and thank you. It was such a lovely phone-call, from which I hung up feeling great.

It's true that relationships and families, including our own, can be exhausting, but oh the simple joys small gestures can invoke.

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