Sunday, 5 July 2009

Writers' Retreat

PJ and I are going away today on a week long writers' retreat. We are renting a house that's close to the bush – beautiful, secluded and it has no Internet.

PJ is going to work on a paper he's giving at an upcoming conference called Regenerating Community and I am working on a project about... Hmmm... See if you can guess from my reading list:

Hope you have a great week!

Thanks so much for looking after our house and chooks, LG.


Umatji said...

Have a great week. I think the top book is one I have read and liked - picture of some older guy who wrote it on the back - looks like he probably never saw a kid up close but actually a good book generally I thought. have you read buddhism for mothers or toxic childhood? Sue Palmer who wrote Toxic childhood which was amazing is just releasing a new book on raising boys that I have ordered...

Doctor Plog said...

Are you working on *another* piece on the Cold War?

Riveted said...

You know it's funny...the topic of blended families has come up twice today. It can be such a challenge (speaking from the perspective of a now adult, who grew up as a child in one such blended family). Despite all the trials and muddy murky waters we all moved through though, we did make it to the other side... relatively unscathed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg in the future, when you return.

I guess people say how difficult parenting is
but it seems to be said a lot more often about
'step' parenting.
I think it's the same about shared house living,
it's always groaned about, whereas people
don't groan in public so much about living alone,
or with particular bonded others..
It's odd.

i am very envious of your self made retreat!
We, p and I, are spending a few days at the State Library.
One day each week of the hols. That's nice.

(my word verification says 'Swelo')

so, Swelo!


ms. delisha said...

Just returned from the Rockies with my scrumptious smoothie of a family (the time together was the honey in it), and headed to a retreat myself to center in the Smokies with an old friend while Charlotte bonds with her papa and stepmama (and soon to be baby brother!)

Best of best on the project, sweet Mumeg who gives so much love and strength to me and many on this family journey.

Sweet travels, happy writing and may delicious peaceful love envelop you and your man in the wilderness.


Let's go Toto said...

Meg, you are a great step mum, a complete natural. Your enthausiasm and love for Z constantly amazes me. Still I hope you enjoyed your holiday reading! xx Hen