Saturday, 18 July 2009

I Dream of G Knees

OK I admit it, I am partly posting this picture because I like the colours and layers and partly because I came up with the title and thought it was pretty damn funny.

The excellent G is a kid who goes to school with Z. His mum told us that when he first started going to school he used to ask to stay home because he wanted to hang out with his chickens all day. If I wasn't able to and I had a genie, I would be asking for exactly the same thing.


Umatji said...

Indeed! I was going to say amen and weirdly my verification word is ammem. So Ammem to that! 'nuff said.

Riveted said...

Meg and G Knees (and now after seeing the comment above), Umatji too...I concur!

As a side note, those look like excellent muck boots...that's the footwear right?

Doctor Plog said...

Love the title! I'm a big believer that Every Great Title Deserves A Post. (But strangely I did flunk music ...)

Miss You Mz. M xxx