Saturday, 25 July 2009

Sound Check

PJ and I are going to our friend Jacinta's 40th birthday party tonight. I'm very excited. I love a good house party. We have just come back from her place now where we had sound check. PJ and I are singing a song he wrote and today between our usual quiet Saturdayings, we choreographed a dance routine to accompany. Goodness, did I just write I'm excited? Is that what these butterflies are?


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the letters i wish i'd written said...

Dance routine? The people demand a video!!!

Meg said...

The front row of our audience were all holding phones and cameras up to us, so hopefully someone captured our performance on film. I would love to see it. We only did one song, and the few minutes went waaaay too quickly. We received some great feedback, and the birthday girl seemed pleased, though that could have been the champagne.