Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Glorious Walks

We finished reading this to Z last night. It's the first chapter book we have read him in its entirety. It's also the first bedtime book that has caused him to request an early night.

Even though PJ and I are three and half years apart in age, we don't have as many childhood similarities – books, TV shows, films – as you'd expect. But we both read Roald Dahl books as kids, so it's so nice to share our memories with Z as he creates his own.

My friend The Dooch once told me about Roald Dahl's father. He wanted his children to have an appreciation of beauty so before they were born he spent hours taking his pregnant wife on what he called Glorious Walks in the countryside in the hope that the wonder of nature would be transmitted to their children.

Although I had no say in what Z's mum did or didn't do when she was pregnant, I feel pretty lucky that I have input into what kind of person Z develops into as he grows.

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Lizzie said...

i remember my dad reading this to my sister and i as kids. my mom even snuck in to hear it - it was a family favorite...