Saturday, 21 March 2009

Burnt Out Ends

I took this photo yesterday morning on my way home from drinking tea with my lovely friend Mika. 

My first thought was one of horror at how close the recent bushfires came to our town. 

My second thought was that fire is a part of life in the country and if I am to continue living here I must get used to the uneasy, dislocating feeling the threat of fire induces in the hotter months.

My third thought was about Wabi Sabi, and how the landscape was still beautiful, but at the other end of the spectrum to what we are used to.

And my final thought was about the bombed terrain of Laos. I taught English there many years ago and saw firsthand how much damage was done decades earlier during the Vietnam War. But because of the indents in the landscape, when it rains these craters catch the most water, and are greener and more fertile as a result. I like this as a metaphor.

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