Friday, 20 March 2009

E's for Eternity

Happy birthday to my sister Eddie!

Eddie's not her real name. Her real name's Emily. But somewhere in the early pages of our childhood, my three sisters and I all decided to call each other Eddie. It made sense at the time, despite the occasional confusion.

The Hot Club of Cowtown have a song called Emily. My favourite lines are:
E's for eternity, M that she's mine,
I love you Emily, that's I-L-Y.
Because of the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, March 21 is considered the first day of the Zodiac year, which means March 20, today, is the last. So those who celebrate their birthday today are supposed to have the oldest souls of all.

In her wisdom I have learnt so much from her, but my favourite thing ensues from her name. Her initials are EAU, which is how I still to this day remember how to spell beautiful.


tam said...

oh I am hopeless - I have two sisters and they make me cry with the tenderness it is to have a sister

Anonymous said...

o !

eau is french for water too!


ms. delisha said...

oh mumeg, you are a sister's sister.

Meg said...

Oh yes, eau is French for water I had forgotten until you mentioned it, and until I saw the first words of this film.
"Here's to eau."