Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Disruption of Apples

Yesterday morning before we took Z to school, we picked a whole lot of apples from the Poemscape trees next to the library. Afterwards PJ and I trained to Melbourne where he conducted and I filmed a workshop with some third and fourth year RMIT design students.

The workshop was about performing the city and disrupting space. After a brief presentation, PJ gave the students the apples we picked and we went out into the streets.

One group placed the apples on the ground in a busy lunchtime laneway, while we all stood back and watched how people responded.

The last group drew an apple on a brick wall and invited us to throw the remaining fruit at the chalk- drawn target. It felt like such a waste, the point made doubly clear next to the skip full of unwanted goods.


Petrus Spronk said...

She's apples Meg. Thanks for your encouraging remarks at the RedStar. Did you view Bill Violas new work at the NGV worht a Melbourne Journey....sclisin

Meg said...

Thanks for the tip! I shall check out his work when I'm down in Melb next. xx

Anonymous said...

Primo and me planted those apples (and pears) with other friends of the library people, and we learnt to espalier (sp?) on/with them the second year..!

Meg said...

Oh I love the secret garden behind the library. What a sanctuary. (I am yet to see the new deck above it.)

The apples we picked were from the Poemscape trees on the street surrounding the library. You know the ones with a poems next to each tree? Mr O has one included.