Thursday, 11 December 2008

When We Lost Teeth

Z lost another tooth!

When I was growing up, when we lost teeth, the Tooth Fairy would visit and leave us some money and a poem about how the tooth was lost.

It looks like that same fairy visits Z now.

Click for bigger.


The Garden of Self Defence said...

when you're 38 the reverse tooth fairy comes and brings you lost teeth; at this age the poem is embedded in the implant as time capsule for the mortuary staff. poet's, rightly, like fairies obsess over death. and why not?

farmdoc said...

Z's tooth fairy must be pretty trusting to leave money without getting the tooth in return. I'm not sure LOM's tooth fairy would have done that. xx
PS How about a pic of Z sans tooth, please.

ms. delisha said...

I wish we had a poem writing toothfairy at my house. She was cheap and not given to explanations. xo

Meg said...

Z wrote the TF the most beautiful letter on his chalkboard and drew a picture of himself sans tooth, but rubbed it out before I could photograph it. Picture of the boy to come.

Glenn Koehm said...

His drawing is so cute! You can actually see in his drawing that he lost his front tooth. He sure has an eye for art and drawing! Also, he has very good penmanship! Good job, Z!