Thursday, 4 December 2008

Ketchup on Everything

I once broke up with a guy who later told me he wondered what would have happened had we ever wanted to move in together because he didn't think he could have lived with all my red things.

I mentioned this to PJ before he and Z and I moved in together and he laughed dismissively saying he loved me and we'd work it out.

I found the above illustration on I love you but... – a site capturing people's idiosyncrasies and the way they can sometimes give us the shits.

The ketchup on everything made me think of my red predilection and PJ's attitude towards it. And the way family and friends sometimes do maddening things that we accept because they're a small part of a big package that we love.


Effie said...

I am so enjoying your blog, refreshing. Thanks from the US.

Alexi said...

I agree with Effie. I came to post the same thing. Thanks from me in the US too.