Monday, 15 December 2008

Inspiration Point

This is the view from inside the tow truck on Friday night. I was on my way to pick up PJ who had been working in Sydney for a week. The rain, the rain, the dead car battery. Even though I was several hundred meters from the airport, PJ had to take a cab to reach me.

We made out while we waited for the mechanic. The rain, determined, the windows, fogged.

We were Kate and Leonardo in the steamy car that caused the Titanic to sink. We were shipwrecked, we were stranded, we were stuck. We were the love interests of every college film ever made, parked overlooking the city at Inspiration Point.

As a young woman I always found these movies terribly confusing, the way they assumed the viewer was a male. The glorification of the female's body, the holy grail crescendoes when the male got see it. 

I was her, I was her, I was him.

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