Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Last Page

Recently, Z, who's growing at an alarming rate exclaimed that all his clothes are shrinking. He gave us a fashion parade and put what didn't fit him into a bag I took to the op shop.

On the verandah of the op shop is a box of free things that are yours to claim if you so desire. On top of the box was a book called The Pirates' Tale that I took home for Z.

Most of the pages are stories unto themselves, such as:
A pirate found a house and opened the door and went in. It was dusty. He tidied it and dusted it.
And then:
One day the pirates got better and sailed away to the mountain and saw a shark and caught it and the pirates' new cat said, 'Meow meow.' The pirates said, 'Be quiet, new cat.'
And a few pages later is the last page; relief in a world of Hollywood endings:


ms. delisha said...

I love it!

WriterBee said...

My favourite part is when the pirates say, 'Be quiet, new cat.' What did Z think?
At the end I think they are not really dead but just pretending while they plan their next adventure, which will surely involve a cubby house on stilts, and a flying fox to take them safely home to tea.
Happy new year, Z. xx

Doily said...

Isn't that quriky? Was Z diggin' it? I can imagine some concern for the cat. Happy new year!