Friday, 12 December 2008


To celebrate my 200th post, I would like to thank the 200 blank screens that have provided me with a space to call my own. For me to fill with my thoughts and photos, my titles, my longings, my troubles, my wonderings, my time, my recipes, my readings, my family, my best bits, my lumpy bits, my pleasures, my frustrations, my ideas, my love, my videos, my funnies and my self, that often only comes into view when I sit down to write, like I'm looking in the mirror.

And I would like to thank you of course, dear reader, for joining me in my Meg-shaped corner of the Internet.


Claire said...

Happy 200 - here's to 200 + more. I love your meg-shaped corner of the internet. Hooray! xx

farmdoc said...

You're welcome, LOM xx