Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Best Thing

This is our friend Jeff. I have blogged about him before and he has blogged for us before. One of the best part of our Sundays is seeing him at our local market and buying a loaf of Redbeard organic sourdough from him, as we did this morning. Buying bread is always a special occasion.

And so is eating it. Which is why, when something really terrific happens, PJ often says: "That's the best thing since the return to unsliced bread."


(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

Oh I cry..
The fresh bread in our store is not selling and everyday we have so much left over..
We had to make a decision to only stock wheat free breads, which come sliced and in a bag...!
The bread is made in melbourne and its a fabulous bakery
but these decisions are so hard to make.
The city! The city, somedays its like a giant dragon..
Today I eat my toast and share a pot of tea with
you and P.J and Jeff, while making remarks about the planet we gently push the crumbs around the table ..X

WriterBee said...

You are the best thing, Miss Meg, you and your lovely blog. I've just eaten a delicious lunch of sour dough olive bread I bought at the Collingwood Children's Farm last Saturday.

Lark said...

I always buy a blonde and some buns from him on our weekly visit to the market (I never see you, we must go at different times!)/ But I keep telling him that he should bring the yummy chocolate croissants! x