Thursday, 24 September 2009

Family Album

Big thanks goes to Jenny from Dosfamily who has included us in her album of family portraits.

We took our photo to use as the header for The Artist as Family blog, which we are going to update with the daily happenings of our artist in residency in Newcastle.

We leave today, which is all very exciting. I'm not sure if I will be updating this blog or not whilst we are away, so be sure to pop into The Artist as Family to see what we are up to.

Thanks for looking after our house, garden and chooks, L and D.

See you in 18 days!


Umatji said...

oo sounds interesting - hope you do update the blog - not sure if I can manage complex tasks like new blogs at the moment! Go well with the residency...

Doctor Plog said...

What wonderful photos - and yours is a beautiful inclusion.

See you at your other blog!


lizzie_fitz said...

those family photies are the kind of famile photies i wanna have one day. looking at yours got me all choked and happy.