Sunday, 20 September 2009

Our Sister Chickens

PJ and I were in our local paper this week, talking about our solar panels. This is the photo they included, of me holding our chicken Bridezilla in one hand and a shovel in the other; photovoltaic panels above, a pile of mulch below.

Z calls my sister Kate's three daughters his sister cousins, and the hens they gave us from their brood, the sister chickens.

Hanging out in the garden with our chickens today, it suddenly dawned on me that by golly, our chickens really are our sisters. They are alive at the same time on Earth as us, they are living within the same environment as us, but much more significantly, didn't we all evolve from the same primordial soup?


farmdoc said...

Yep. Chicken noodle (primordial) soup. xx

Feronia01 said...

So very true. But tell me, why is your chicken called Bridezilla?

Meg said...

She's big, white and fluffy and boy is she bossy!

Feronia said...

LOL! - sounds very appropriate, then!!