Tuesday, 18 November 2008


This is my favourite zine. It's called You and has been distributed by Luke You free every week since November 2001.

One of the best things I did when we were in Newcastle was take part in a letter writing marathon. People were invited to handwrite letters that would then be distributed in the zine's hallmark brown paper bag with Y-O-U stamped on the front.

Participants wrote down their addresses and yesterday afternoon my package arrived with two zines inside. 

"Wouldn't it be funny if one of these was my letter?" I asked PJ as we carefully undid the staples from the top. And lo and behold, one was.

"Dear You," it starts. "Do you recognise my handwriting? It hasn't changed since I first learnt to write." Which is true.

My sister E's filing cabinet at work


abby said...

hi, lom! just a'wondering: where do you find you? it sounds ace. is it aussie?

farmdoc said...

farmdoc would like to know too. xx

Meg said...

Yes, in fact I think it's just distributed in Melbourne.

Linda said...

I think you'll find this at

Anonymous said...

'You' can be found every week in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Bendigo, Wagga Wagga, Castlemaine, Wollongong, London, Glasgow, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland (Oregon), Kansas City, Toronto. Some good places to find 'You' are Sticky, Microcosm Publishing, Bird In The hand Zine Distro, Corn Dog Zine Distro, Parcell Press, Breakdown Press.