Monday, 24 November 2008

The Man in Question

We moved into our house at the beginning of this year. We have made ourselves feel so at home so quickly, it's funny to think we haven't even been here 12 months.

When PJ went to see the council planning officer last year, the man asked why we wanted our house to sit sideways on the block instead of facing the street. 

"Because we want it to face north," PJ told him, in disbelief.

And lucky we got our way. Not just because our house is now solar passive, but also because our vista includes the side of the building on the corner of our street.

This morning our house was a flurry of six year-old excitement. Z woke up and said he saw a robber wearing all black going into that corner building. 

How did he know he was a robber? 

"The man was carrying a robber bag, don't you know Meg?"

He asked us to call the police but we said we couldn't because we hadn't seen the man in question. Instead, we asked him to draw a picture of the robber, which we took to the local police station before school. 

The cop on duty played along beautifully. He stamped Z's drawing and decorated him with police ribbons and stickers for his bravery.

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Paul said...

I didn't know you got that much swag for reporting a robbery! I'm totally becoming a professional snitch, they must be SWIMMING in that stuff.