Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The Artist As Family

While the Democrats are celebrating their victory in the US, we are celebrating a minor victory of our own.

PJ, Z and I applied for an artist in residency at a museum in Newcastle, and we have had our application selected.

The three of us are going for two and a half weeks next year – the artist as family – and each of us is responsible for a different component of the project. Part of my section is to start and update a blog about our experience, which I will create as an example, with the students of my blogging course that starts this coming Monday.

I like the light in this room as captured in this photo. I took it at the museum we'll be going to, when PJ and O launched their book there last month.


Breezy said...

ooo congratulations! that will be so much fun. i can't wait to hear more about your project.

astrid said...

Oh, Meg, that is wonderful! Hurrah! Great foto, by the way. x

emily b-sides said...
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emily b-sides said...

Artist as family!?

Take me Eddie!!

Sooooo exciting!