Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Still Life: Ingredients

There are six of us in my knitting group, and when it's your turn to be the hostess you have to provide tea, coffee and something to eat. Tonight everybody is coming here.

My kitchen bench, 4pm:

My sister K, who is a fantastic baker, laughs at me because I do not own a single cookbook. She thinks it's funny that each time I want to make or bake, I go online then consult my open laptop for measurements and methods, careful not to whisk or grate or sift anything onto it.

She thought it even funnier when her eldest daughter asked if they could make my banana cake for her dad for father's day. She said it was the best cake she's ever eaten. With that kind of credential, I thought I would make it for my knitting group this eve.


WriterBee said...

yum, looks delicious. Save some for me.

farmdoc said...

What do I see? A Daylesford Organics product placement. I hope you were paid with kisses, LOM? If so, I'm jealous. xx

just free water said...

now i'm really homesick!