Tuesday, 2 September 2008


I had planned to blog about our Riesentraube heirloom tomatoes that seem to be growing before our eyes. But that topic merely needs a couple of sentences, a photo and I'm done.

A much more blogworthy topic is the 6 year-old human seedling with whom I live. I picked him up from school today and we made a deal: I would buy him an ice-cream if he would climb a local wild tree overflowing with lemons. It was as they say, a win-win situation.

On our happy way home, his face white with the sweet treat and my bag overflowing with fruit, he asked me to tell him about Meg's Choice, a story he loves to hear. 

You see, most parents don't get to choose their kids - they make a baby and that baby grows up and that's that. You get what you get. But I had a choice. I could have loved any old dad with any old son, or any old daughter, but I didn't. I had a choice and I chose to love his dad and I chose to love him. Of all the kids in the whole wide world.


WriterBee said...

Oh, Meg, what a lucky lucky boy. And lucky lucky me.Of all the girls in the whole wide world...

Anonymous said...


Your post inspires great hope for me and Joe. I always think G-d gave me a child before a husband so that I'd have to find someone with a heart big enough for two.

You're definitely that kind of person.

pj and z are beyond lucky. I get the sense they know that and that makes me happy.