Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Fate Skate

I finished reading In Cold Blood this afternoon at the skate park, where I had taken Z and a friend after school. The two boys skated and biked in the spring afternoon, while the two convicted men in the book sat in their cells and awaited their fates.

I always have a stack of books on my bedside table, though I never read more than one at once. If I am in the middle of reading a book and leave it somewhere, I will just start another book until the first one is returned. Not so with Capote.

This book held me captive like a killer. The day I left it at a friend's house, it consumed me even more. I called some second hand bookshops to see if I could track down a copy, but I couldn't.

I waited. I waited. Like a prisoner on death row. I knew what was ahead of me, but I was desperate to reach the end.

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jfw said...

great! you've finished it. what's next? p