Sunday, 7 September 2008

On Father's Day

A few days ago I wrote about how I chose to love PJ and I chose to love Z. I also chose to love PJ because of Z.

On our first date we went on a picnic. PJ and Z made delicious gyōza and after lunch I filmed this:

My dad is a wonderful man whose friendship and opinions I cherish. Growing up, like many men of his generation, his work came first and his children second. As we grew up, he grew up. And as we worked out our ways in the world, he worked out what he needed to do and be to be a better father. 

I love my relationship with him now but think that because of the father he wasn't, I could see more clearly the kind of father PJ was, and is, to Z.

Not long after our first picnic date, I was voicing my insecurities to my folks: I have never been a parent before, what happens if I'm crap at it? How will I know what to do?

And my dad said something to me that still continues to have a daily impact: If anyone can do this Meg, you can.

It was a gentle nudge in the right direction. A direction that I walked in, which led me to where I am.

Happy father's day, PJ. Happy father's day, Dad.


farmdoc said...

I am Meg's father. On Fathers Day yesterday I was separated from my daughters by hundreds of kilometres. I had an average day apart from phone messages from, and conversations with, them. Then today I read Meg's Fathers Day blog post. I don't think I deserve what she's written about me, but I'm accepting the compliments nonetheless. Land of Meg is an inspiration to me. I am so very pleased and proud to be her Dad. xx

(text)ure and (me)aning said...

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