Monday, 13 August 2012

38 Weeks, Bitches


Leigh @ Toasted said...

You are a fucking crack-up!
You popped into my head the other day and I had to pop over to your blog and do some maths. Soon, I thought, soon. And then I get to see this ace photo.
Lookin good (beneath the veneer as well)

Go well my friend. I wish you the best of experiences and the greatest amounts of love and joy!

Rachel said...

Hahahaha! You look ready, mama!
Here's to a beautiful birth and blessed birth day.

Cassandra Allen said...

So funny. Best wishes for the next big incredible event! You'll be bonza maaate.

nix said...

Amazing photo! :D Good luck.

Umatji said...

ha! been back here enough to feel a wee bit stalker-ish but oh that was a rewarding pic and title. enjoy the last of bump-dom and go well into the journey to a family of four - biggest mobs of love to you all.

Nina John said...

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