Friday, 10 February 2012

They Had Sex

Well, it's been quite a journey, and here we are: 12 weeks pregnant and ready to share the news.

I remember when I was younger seeing pregnant women and wondering how they could just go about their business in public and not be too embarrassed that their big bellies announced to the world that THEY HAD SEX to get where they were.

If you see me waddling down the street in the next six months, know that it wasn't just PJ and I getting it on that led to where we are. Since my miscarriage we have had dozens of helpers.

Cards, juicy ripe fruit, positive affirmations, vitamins, notes and books left on our doorstep, gifts of foot massages and healing crystals, offers to do my grocery shopping, emails and text messages of love, lifts to places when I was too tired to walk or bike, and from Z's mum, a voucher for three sessions with her chinese doctor.

There was once a time that I saw stepparenting as the more communal act, but now I see how communal an effort pregnancy is too.


farmdoc said...

Wonderful wonderful news, LOM & PJ & Z.
With love to you all.
Farmdoc xxx

Another Outspoken Female said...

Congrats :)

M Violetta said...

Ha - i used to feel the same way - not just about pregnant women but adults in general.... how could they just walk around so normally when their bodies had been doing really really weird stuff!!
Big love to you - going to be wonderful to watch you all grow together xxoxoxooxoxxoox

Umatji said...

who hooo! totally love this post. yep. i really remember this feeling as well. i remember thinking that they may have just as well written it on their t shirt! so happy for you and hope you have a fabulously wonderful second trimester with loads of juicy hormones and a load less worry than the first one. enjoy growing a baby - what a lucky bean to be coming in the direction of you, pj and z.

Umatji said...

oh, don't know how I forgot to mention it, pj has simply lovely breasts.

Kim @frogpondsrock said...

Congratulations :) I saw this announcement on Glen's FB wall but I didn't want to comment there because it felt like I was invading your private space. I know, how weird is that? As if anything is private on facebook. But here on your blog I feel more than comfortable sending you and PJ all the very best wishes that I can muster.

Midwives For President; said...

Artist as family.
All my Love.
My midwifery hands & mynd are at your service!
Want to catch Up so much.
Trying to plan a trip this weekend but it never seems to happen: are you around? Lynx would LOVE a romp w Z.
Love Jasmine

pippa said...


kelly said...

:-) i found your blog from a link that led me to a link to a link..and I laughed out loud at your picture..very funny...
Congratulations :-)

Cassandra Allen said...

Such happy news! Congratulations and enjoy. I loved being pregnant and giving birth, such a trip!

Cath Ryan said...

hey meg pj and z

it's been months and months since i checked in on your blog. Time is just absorbed in the communal act of parenting which follows the communal act of pregnancy and there you go - its months since i've had a moment to look into the land of meg.

all by means of saying huge congrats and much love on the news of your growing little one. I do hope that all has gone well for you all during the pregnancy, and continues to as birth approaches.

thinking of you all and wishing you groundedness, continued humour, calm and the strength that comes from openess and vulnerability as life unfolds.

xx cath