Thursday, 23 September 2010

En Masse

We made it! The weather here is still chilly and un-springlike, but the coldest wintry days feel like they're behind us.

We have walked and ridden our bikes on 90% of the journeys we made this winter past, and I am happy to report I haven't had a single cold. PJ takes a raw garlic clove at the first hint of a sniffle, but I swear by my daily intake of spirulina. And lots of time spent outdoors.

The advent of the warmer weather is bringing with it more people on bikes in this little town of ours, but not necessarily more bike awareness, so we thought we'd change that with our very own Critical Mass.

If you live anywhere near the Central Highlands, we're meeting at the zebra crossing outside Daylesford Primary School at 5pm on the last Friday of each month, which means our inaugural ride is tomorrow.

If you're going to come along, please do come say hello. For those of you I've never met, here's what I look like:

And yes! That is a puppy in my basket. Introducing Zero, the newest addition to The Artist as Family. He's a 9 week old Jack Russell and he'll be coming along tomorrow too.

Hope to see you there!

(Thank you, Kate for the photos.)


Umatji said...

ohn I'd be there with bells on if I could! I miss riding so much. The biggest compromise for us of living at the top of a ridiculous hill that is not safe for kids to ride on or be carried on. Peak oil could solve that for us of course! Sounds good to me in that respect!
Goodluck with your tradition!

beck said...

Love Zero! xo

toasted said...

You've tugged one of my deepest heartstrings there - my beloved childhood puppy was a jack russell cross - very lovely + loving dogs. Nice. Enjoy your ride.

info said...

how silly, we got rid of our bikes! was a bit scared after an accident and then also of hill to stanley st... would be good if there were some communal bikes in town? we off to holiday so another time, mb I will ride joss's scooter and he can bike sometime.. look forward to meeting zero, what a cutie, cu all soon, X