Saturday, 17 July 2010


PJ, Z and I celebrated our four year anniversary yesterday.

I was at work, and halfway through the afternoon I received this photo from PJ:

I called to giggle my gratitude, and casually mentioned that he in fact had a thought bubble coming out of his mouth.

Five minutes later, this arrived:

Four magical years, indeed.

Happy anniversary, boys! I wouldn't want to share this odyssey with anybody else.


Tricia said...

Thanks for the giggle :-)

and happy 4 years!

Shokoofeh said...

How cute!
Congratulations on your forth! :)

Umatji said...

oh oh oh. I love celebration and celebrating hundreds and hundreds of days of shared love can only be wonderful. go well you three!

WriterBee said...

Happy happy anniversary. I wish you many more adventures and happy years together

rachel said...

very sweet. happy anniversary!