Sunday, 8 May 2011


From here.

The other day I was sitting out on the deck drinking tea. Z was at school, PJ was in Sydney and our dog Zero was asleep beside me in the sun. The tea was hot. I blew on it. A cloud of steam drifted up into the sunshine.

I forgot what steam was made of. As I sat there, quietly blowing, sipping and sunning myself, I was reminded. And just as I saw that steam is made up of tiny droplets of water, I remembered that everything is made up of so many parts, different, the same, interconnected.

Happy Mothers' Day to all maternal sentient beings, including my own.

In our wanting to be better humans we sing your praises every day. You raised us, you held us, you guided us.

For everything else we say thank you today. The small things may be small, but just like the placement of an apostrophe, they are never inconsequential.


Sara said...

Hi Meg,
I guess I am a blog lurker, so I am de-lurking to say how much I love your blog and your sister's too. I live on the south coast of Massachusetts in the U.S. You guys make me so curious about where you live. I'm thinking of your whole family this weekend & sending positive thoughts for your dad's surgery. Thanks for all your wonderful blogging!


Midwives For President; said...

Happy Mother's day meg!

Michelle said...

I loved this New Yorker cartoon, too.

adsd said...

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matilda cheshire said...

hi meg

it's tildie