Thursday, 12 August 2010


Thank you Rachael for my care parcel!

I don't know which I was more excited by, the packaging or the contents.

The contents: Sugru.

Sugru feels like modelling clay, or Blu-Tack. It fixes in 30 minutes into whatever shape you mold it, and is ready to be used after 24 hours. It fixes soft because it's made from silicone. It sticks to metal, plastic, glass and ceramic. It's waterproof, dishwasher-safe, heat resistant, cold resistant, electrically and thermally insulating.

I don't write this to advertise, merely to explain.

Or if you're more image inclined:

After I fixed the ring and knife handle I was walking around the house like a woman possessed, trying to find broken things, considering what I could chip or bust or smash, just so I could mend it. I gave myself a high 5 I was so excited, when I remembered the missing bit at the bottom of the food processor.
I must admit I had hesitations at first, thinking of all the energy that goes into creating Sugru, but then I thought that anything that promotes the Repair Manifesto, over buying new gear, is definitely a good thing by me.


info said...

I want some! It's on the xmas list... joss is always finding things that need glue, sticky tape, blue tack, nails,...list goes on... ebay?

rachael said...

write to jane (inventor extraordinaire) and lovely lass at
you can order it from the site, we think it rocks!! (if only it could repair my typos....)

Umatji said...

aah, I read this (at toasted's house) and wanted to some so bad. Told toasted about it and she said - but I don't have anything I need fixing - and I thought and realised I didn't either - thought briefly about breaking something so I could fix it but came to my senses quickly luckily. Will be on my shopping list sometime i am sure! Thanks for your kind words on toasted's blog - we like you too! tea at anytime! funnily enough, right now my word veri is 'gripin' and that sugru sure is!

Anonymous said...

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