Thursday, 27 May 2010

All in Good Time

The found plastic we hung on the hook when we took down the kitchen clock.

The bit of scrap paper I stuck on my laptop to cover the clock there too.

I don't know which gardening metaphor I like better: companion planting or self-seeding.

If I were a slug, I would have eaten this too.

But I'm not.

If you live in Central Victoria but don't have a garden of your own, feel free to come and share in our bountiful bounty in exchange for a green thumb workout. We have a listing on Shared Earth. Come share!

Portrait of the blogger as a bandita in her balaclava bought to make the frosty mornings bearable on her bike.


Umatji said...

oh that was a lovely journey! I like the photo on your desktop too - not often you get good nostril shots on a post these days...

My Love is..... said...

welcome back.... good to hear your thoughts again :)

Permapoesis said...


Tricia said...

Thanks for making me smile :-)

Sjared earth sounds like a great idea!

toasted said...

I like a good bunch of photos that make me chortle quietly. Ta.

I've been reading that book you recommended - The Mother of all Myths - should finish it this weekend due to the receiving of nasty emails from the library. It's very, very good. Many thanks Ms Meg. Your recommendation has lightened the load of my parenting burden considerably - most notably, I've have chilled out a whole lot.

Meg said...

I'm so pleased you liked TMOAMs, Ms Toasted. After too many nasty letters from our library, I jumped on eBay and bought myself a copy to lend out.

I hope you are doing well! Sending love from these parts. xx

toasted said...

Ah... the nasty emails have continued, and the fines have arrived. And I still haven't finished reading it (not for lack of wanting to.) I just organised for a copy to arrive through the strange magic of ebay too. Funny thing is - my partner has loved it as much as me - it's validated lots of his ideas about parenting. And he's gonna hop on ebay and send a copy to his mum!